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Welcome to cachet

This site has been established to aid chemical engineering faculty candidates to find and fill positions in departments with faculty openings. The site is established and administered by CACHE (Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering), which is a 40-year-old non-profit organization established to advance the use of computers in chemical engineering education.

This site provides two basic capabilities:

  1. Posting of faculty openings by chemical engineering departments.
  2. Posting of biographical information by candidates searching for faculty positions.

Information for candidates posting profiles

How much does it cost?

Both of these services are offered free of charge. However, department capabilities are restricted to departments that are members of CACHE. This means that only member departments may post faculty openings, and only member departments may view candidate bios. Presently there are more than 100 member departments, so this is not a great limitation. Departments who wish to become members may do so by submitting a membership application (there are a lot of good reasons to do so, apart from the ability to use cachet).

No restrictions are placed on viewing department postings, and no restrictions are placed on who may submit biographical information, although anyone wishing to submit a bio must first go through a simple registration process.

What can I do here?

The following are some of the features provided by this site:

  1. Both postings and bios are living documents, meaning they can be edited, updated or deleted any time, as needed, directly by the user.
  2. Both posting and bio listings can be filtered and sorted on a variety of criteria, enabling focus on just those listings that are relevant to the viewer.
  3. Candidates can indicate presentations they are scheduled to make at major national meetings (e.g., AIChE), and departments can create a schedule of candidate talks that they wish to see.
  4. Candidates can register to be notified by email any time a department posts a new opening.

We want this to serve the requirements of both departments and candidates. As this is a relatively small community we can be responsive to your needs. We therefore welcome suggestions for improvements and new features that may make this service more useful to all concerned.

What is the scope of this service?

CACHE is an international organization, with member departments in countries worldwide. We aim to make cachet a resource for all of this community.

To get started, create an account as a department or candidate, and follow the appropriate links to make a posting.