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Information for candidates posting profiles

The following points may be of interest to any faculty candidates posting a profile here:
  1. Specific information that you can include in your profile is listed in detail below. However, almost all information is optional, and you need only input the information you want to post.
  2. The information you enter in the profile does not appear on the site until you indicate on the input form that it is ready for posting. You can input partial information and come back to complete and post the profile later. You can preview your profile as it will appear, before submitting it.
  3. You can edit or take down the profile at any time.
  4. Your name and other profile information is available only to registered users of this site. Specifically,
    1. academic departments can view your full profile information
    2. other faculty candidates can view only three items about you: your name, your PhD/postdoc institution/advisor, and your brief (140-character) research description. This list is how the full slate of candidates is presented to the departments, and we think it is appropriate that this view is accessible to you.
    3. persons not registered on the site have no access to your name or any other information about you
  5. Your profile will stay active on the site for 1 year, or until you take it down.
  6. You are eligible to receive email notifications any time a new faculty position is posted. This is done only if you indicate that you want to receive these emails. You can opt-out of this at any time.
  7. Fields in the profile are available to enter the following information. All fields are optional except as indicated.
    1. Name (required)
    2. email address (required - you must verify this address before the account will be activated)
    3. PhD degree information (Institution, department, advisor, thesis title, date)
    4. Postdoc training information
    5. List of general research areas (to help departments identify candidates that match search interests)
    6. First available date to start position
    7. Uploads of pdf for CV, research statement, and/or teaching statement
    8. Uploads of reprints of publications
    9. A brief description of research interests (140-character limit).
    10. List of presentations at upcoming major conferences in chemical engineering and related fields.