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Welcome to cachet

This site has been established to aid chemical engineering faculty candidates to find and fill positions in departments with faculty openings. The site is established and administered by CACHE (Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering), a non-profit organization established in 1969 to advance the use of computers in chemical engineering education.

This site provides two basic capabilities:

  1. Posting of faculty openings by chemical engineering departments.
  2. Registration for email notification when new openings are posted.

More information about cachet

We are discontinuing the service by which faculty candidates could post profiles. We found that this capability did not provide sufficient value for the candidates, so we have decided to end it. We are not accepting new profiles, but those that were posted before the service was ended will remain available through 2021.

To get started, create an account as a department or to candidate registering for email notifications, and follow the appropriate links to make a posting.